​We want to give consumers certainty that efforts are being made to ensure that our products are produced under decent environmental conditions and that human rights are respected. The starting point is the FN's world goals, with the main focus on prioritizing sustainable materials and the working environment of partners.

Today, we have a long-term and very stable collaboration with manufacturers, with whom we are in the process of committing to compliance with our standards, which are written in our Code of Conduct. It contains guidelines / requirements in the following areas:

Human and worker rights

Environment and climate

- Corruption and bribery

- Expensive welfare

The Company’s policy on human and labor rights contains an obligation to comply with local laws and respect international human rights and ensure the necessary implementation of the FN Guidelines on Business and Human Rights.

At the same time, work is being done to ensure the use of sustainable materials by eliminating chemicals, minimizing plastic, just as all cardboard packaging is sent for recycling. Our own consumption of cardboard packaging is FSC-certified. We are also working to ensure that our manufacturers use at least FSC-certified, but we would also like to see recycled cardboard packaging. In addition, we also set our requirements that polybags must be LDPE 4 and produced from at least 20% recyclable plastic.

From January 2022, our goal is that, all our suppliers must deliver all our products as described above. However, we have a few suppliers who have the opportunity to start from September 2021.

Furthermore, we in the group have more and more focus on a larger part of our collections to include styles that are more sustainable, such as Organic cotton, Lenzing EcoVero viscose, Recycled Polyester, Repreve fibers and ECO-TEX certificate. We aim for 2023 that our collections contain at least 30% sustainability

The Company’s policy is a zero tolerance towards the use of corruption, bribery and child labor.

Suppliers are obliged to ensure that materials used in production originate from animals that have been treated in accordance with applicable rules, conventions and standards.

Our efforts are prioritized in those countries in the supply chain where it is known that potential human rights violations are most likely to occur.

Internally, we also work with the working environment, as the employees constitute a significant knowledge resource for the group. Efforts are being made to identify risk areas in order to ensure the working environment and identify competence-critical areas. We continuously ensure that all safety rules are complied with and the individual workplaces have undergone workplace assessment with a number of improvements as a result.

In March 2021, we adapted our Code of Conduct, to ensure that our suppliers meet our standards as a result of the FN's global goals described above. All our partners have signed and undertake to follow the standards in our Code of Conduct.

A further initiative to ensure that our suppliers live up to our requirements for human and employee rights, we have clarified which factories we get produced at, and which of the factories receive annual audits. It turns out that most of our suppliers receive annual audits. Which assures us that they follow our requirements & guidelines.

​We work closely with our industry organization Dansk Mode and Textil on CSR / sustainability, which has great expertise and many years of experience in the field. In addition, we have become part of Sustainawear, which is a platform that helps companies with CSR and sustainability. Here you can get lots of inspiration and help on how to approach the new tasks. Sustainawear’s concept is built around the elephant below. Which symbolizes the different areas one can work with and in what order they recommend.

"Every day we work hard to optimize the sustainability of the individual collections, without compromising on design, fit and quality."

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